Diva Synesthesia

Multi-sensory experiences of beauty, fun, and interconnectedness

At a Diva Synesthesia performance, Diana Aivia creates a multi-sensory experience for her audience
through a delightful combination of music, taste, visuals, movement, and thoughts. (Synesthesia happens
when the stimulation of one sense evokes a sensation in another, as when hearing a sound makes you see
a color.) When you attend this amazing extravaganza, you will experience each piece of music paired with
a compatible taste of drink or food in a way designed to create new insights. Drawing attention to the
delicious interplay between the senses, Diana takes you on a sensual journey that plays with your
perceptions, inspires you to make new connections, and deepens your appreciation of life.

For completely uninitiated audiences, Diva Synesthesia is the most wonderful introduction to new music and flavor, and for lovers and connoisseurs of opera, jazz, or the gourmet experience, Diva Synesthesia brings a new appreciation of those worlds. See the calendar for our next performances!

Opera & Chocolate: Experience surprising synergies between the most romantic moments in opera and the best, ecstasy-producing chocolates

Blues & Cocktails: Discover sensory similarities between famous blues songs and fabulous cocktails

Jazz & Wine: Delight in delicious dualities between classic jazz tunes and fine curated wines


Origin Chocolate Festival photos by Jozef Watulingas jbe-creations.nl