In 2015 Diana created the new project "Diva Synesthesia" in partnership with passionate experts in wine, champagne, chocolate, and cocktails, bringing synesthesia - an intermingling of the senses - to the musical audience.

In these concerts, each taste is paired with a selection of music which reflects and enhances the character of the flavor. For example, a wine is presented and savored, and guests are invited to explore and familiarize themselves with the flavors of the particular wine. Then Diana and her ensemble perform, creating an atmosphere that further expresses the character of the wine, giving guests an exciting double experience which allows them to create strong personal connections to the delightful flavors they are tasting. Every sense is engaged - the smell, taste and feel of the wine enhance the visual and musical beauty of the evening.

These concerts are a unique experience enjoyed in an intimate setting. With so much to stimulate conversation, the evening inevitably becomes a charming combination of a salon concert and a boisterous dinner party among old friends. Contact to find out more.